This site hosts the transcriptome data generated from the red seaweed, Porphyra umbilicalis and Porphyra purpurea, as part of the Porphyra Genome Project - NSF Research Coordination Network. Please cite the appropriate papers listed below when using these data.

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Overall transcriptome of Porphyra:
Porphyra (Bangiophyceae) transcriptomes provide insights into red algal development and metabolism.
Chan CX, Blouin NA, Zhuang Y, Zäuner S, Prochnik SE, Lindquist E, Lin S, Benning C, Lohr M, Yarish C, Gantt E, Grossman AR, Lu S, Müller K, Stiller J, Brawley SH and Bhattacharya D (2012).
Journal of Phycology, 48(6): 1328-1342.
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Membrane transporters, ecophysiology between marine and freshwater red algae:
Analysis of Porphyra membrane transporters demonstrates gene transfer among photosynthetic eukaryotes and numerous sodium-coupled transport systems.
Chan CX, Zäuner S, Wheeler GL, Grossman AR, Prochnik SE, Blouin NA, Zhuang Y, Benning C, Berg GM, Yarish C, Eriksen RL, Klein AS, Lin S, Levine I, Brawley SH and Bhattacharya D (2012).
Plant Physiology, 158(4): 2001-2012.
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Developmental genes/regulators in sporophyte (conchocelis) and gametophyte (blade):
Major developmental regulators and their expression in two closely related species of Porphyra (Rhodophyta).
Stiller JW, Perry J, Rymarquis LA, Accerbi M, Green PJ, Prochnik S, Lindquist E, Chan CX, Yarish C, Lin S, Zhuang Y, Blouin NA and Brawley SH (2012).
Journal of Phycology, 48(4): 883-896.

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